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This year will have passed 44 years since the double crime committed against the people of Cyprus. On 15 July 1974 it was accomplished the first part of the crime, whereas the fascist military coup of the Greek Junta and far-right organization EOKA B took place to overthrow Makarios and its government. Five days later, on 20 July 1974, -whilst the Junta-controlled government of Samson undertook the leadership of the Republic of Cyprus (RoC)-, the government of Turkey using the so-called “right of unilateral intervention” as a pretext, under the Treaty of Guarantees, invaded Cyprus. The military invasion of the Turkish armed forces was completed in two stages (July – August) the result of which is the geographic, ethnic and administrative division of the island until today.

Already from the 50’s, the nationalist-chauvinist ideology was arising as a dominant hegemonic framework within the two communities, while at the same time the American-British imperialists found the opportunity to take advantage of this, to cultivate the ethnic hatred and turn the Cyprus issue from a colonial one to a “Greek-Turkish dispute” one. Within this framework both in 1958, during the colonial period, and in 1963, three years after the establishment of the RoC, armed inter-communal violence erupted, whereas paramilitary groups acted within the two communities.

In the political level, on one hand the Greek-Cypriot nationalist elite attempted to monopolize the power of the RoC maintaining simultaneously its position for Union with Greece (Enosis), and on the other hand the Turkish-Cypriot nationalist elite attempted to create conditions for the geographic separation by pursuing an eventual partition (Taksim).

By using the scheme of “double union” as a political vehicle, NATO-associated circles engineered plans for the de facto partition of the island aiming to divide Cyprus between the spheres of influence of the Greek and Turkish bourgeoisie, both acting as regional guards of the imperialist interests. Therefore, maintaining the geostrategic control of Cyprus under the wider hegemony of the West (USA’s numbers station, British Bases etc), undermining the independence and territorial integrity of the RoC, and serving the overall plans in the regions of Eastern Mediterranean and Middle-East.

The crime of 1974, which resulted in the violent division of Cyprus, hundreds of dead and missing persons, and thousands of displaced persons from both communities, constitutes the political-military crystallization of the local nationalism, the foreign military interventions as well as the imperialist plans. 44 years later, the people of Cyprus live with the consequences caused by chauvinism, continuous military occupation and partition.

We consider that only a class-based and internationalist-oriented movement, bi-communal in its character and with an anti-fascist, anti-imperialist shape, can place the Cyprus issue in its overall political basis. A movement which will have the working class and the working people as vanguard of this struggle fighting against: nationalism, the local reactionary-ruling classes, the continuous occupation-partition and the imperialist plans. A movement which will link this struggle with the general issue of: social liberation, confronting with the policies of state-capital, and overthrowing the capitalist system.

We send a message of joint struggle with our Turkish-Cypriot comrades that we will fight together against: the violent division, nationalism, and the local and foreign oppressors. Liberating Cyprus from the imperialist threats and division, for the revolutionary cause of social liberation and abolishing every form of exploitation and oppression.